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Business Plan

Jacob Hochstetler Family Association
JOHN! (John’s Old House New!)
as of 8/16/2000
by George Hostetler
from John’s families of DJH 3813 and DJH 4598

Mission Statement
The Plan
Fund Raising
Lease Program
Education Program

Cost Estimate for Reconstruction
Lease Program
Education Program


Ownership of John's Little House is defined by a Deed of Easement which will be granted to the Jacob Hochstetler Family Association from Penn Alps. Two legal documents are the Deed of Easement and Construction Agreement which is an addendum to the Deed of Easement. These documents are available upon request.




The Little House was damaged by the 98 tornado, and not all the house parts are available. It is not possible to reconstruct this house with original materials. The goal is to reconstruct the Little House with new and authentic materials using contemporary construction methods. Pictures are available, and with many people familiar with the house, a design will be fairly manageable. It is proposed that the original materials be used in a way that will be visible and interpretive of the original design.


The foundation will be a standard concrete and masonry foundation, using the original stone above grade and visible from the exterior.


The length and width of the house will be as original, as measured by the existing foundation and is 16’ x 22’. The structure is a 1 and ½ story type, with the height of the structure about 12’ at the roof line and about 20’ at the ridge line. These 2 dimensions are from the top of the masonry foundation line.


The exterior siding will be authentic materials, probably not original, as the siding should be consistent material over all. Some exterior trim may be from original materials. Windows and doors and any exterior millwork will be authentic materials( no thermopane, no insulated metal doors). There were no windows or doors at the site.

The roof will be cedar shake, new to emulate the original.


The interior will use as much original materials as possible, as flooring, wall panelling, moulding, trim and special treatments.


The balance of the interior will be a drywall and paint wall finish, with a pine flooring.


The floor plan will be designed to attempt to accommodate several uses of the house.


Plumbing, mechanicals, and electrical improvements will be minimal and basic.


The materials have been acquired from Wendell and Darlene Yoder. As of this date, the author has moved all the wood and enough stone to face the foundation. The lumber and timber have been moved to the old mill building at Penn Alps for a safe staging and storage area. The foundation stone has been moved to a field owned by Penn Alps and across the street from Penn Alps.


Lease Program


To remain a viable, on going concern, the business model includes leasing the Little House to an artisan in Penn Alps. This relationship shall be developed and administered through Penn Alps. With all the artisans and crafts already represented in Penn Alps, there are still many crafts which would be ideal for the Little House, such as candle-making, jewelry, wood-carving, etc. It would be ideal for the crafts person to know the Hostetler family history and to tell it to interested people visiting the Little House.


Education Program


A corner of the Little House shall be devoted to materials and displays that aid in telling the cultural and spiritual history of the Hostetler family. This will be set up on a table with a self operating video and other materials. This would be an adjunct to the web site and other programs within Penn Alps in which the Little House may be involved .

Cost Estimate for Reconstruction

Old Materials                                         2000
New Materials and Reconstruction      19000
Contingency - 20%                                4500
Construction Management - 15%          1000
Total Reconstruction Costs                   26500
Reserves and Working Capital                      0
Cost to Organize                                      500
Cost of Raising Funds                             1000
Website                                                  1500
Other Brochures,Mailings                        1000
Subtotal                                                 4000
Total                                                   $30500


Assumptions and Observations:

The cost estimates are variable.

Costs can be adjusted up or down depending on volunteer resources available.

This plan assumes some volunteer efforts, such as fundraising, organization, construction management and skilled labor.


Professional construction management should be contracted for. If not available, the author will be available for this job(I live in Richmond, VA a 5 hr drive) . A relationship with a construction contracting firm in the area who may be interested in the project would be the ideal method of construction management.


Reconstruction Costs Detail

Prep Site remove trees by Penn Alps(probably a cost to the project, not noted here)

Foundation Footings 16’x22‘ 76 lin feet @5 to 10 /lf =$750

Foundation Masonry 76 lf x .667blk/lf = 51 blk/crs x 32" fdn ht/8" = 4 crs ht = 51x4 =

200 blk @3.00 = $800

Foundation Stone Facing Labor Stone Mason = 8hrs@50//hr??=400 matls = 200 total =

600 use $800.

Stone Material: from Wendell Yoder cost approx 1000

fdn ht 2’x 76lf = 152 sf

coverage = 40sf per ton

152 sf/40 = 3.8 tons use 4.5 tons

x 225/ton = $1000

Framing Lumber

Old(authentic) materials from Wendell Yoder cost approx $1000

All old materials total 1770 lf or 2000 board ft

This is from preliminary count of materials stored at Penn Alps

New framing materials for First floor deck, first floor walls, 2nd floor deck,

2nd floor walls and roof est $2500

Framing Labor 16’x22’ = 352sf + ½ story @ 176 sf = 528 sf

528 sf x 5.00/sf + = $2700

Use modern methods and adapt old materials in to the construction


Entrance door with transom light, 1 rear entrance door for utility( not on original

plan), wood louvers, interior stairs (site build from authentic materials) There are no authentic millwork pieces left at site. Total estimate = $300


2 ea in 2nd fl, 4 ea 1st fl on side walls = 6 x 100= $600

Use authentic windows, not thermal windows.

Exterior Trim and Siding

Material : insufficient siding material left to completely cover the house. Est for

purchase of authentic siding from offsite. Coverage for 1000 sf (76 lf x 10’

ht = 760sf + gables 224 = 984+ = 1000sf, 1x8 = .667 sf/lf, wth lap

exposure = .5 sf/lf, 1000sf / .5 = 2000 lf x .5/lf = 1000+ = $1500

Labor est $1200


14’ up roof x 22’ lg x 2 sides = 616 sf = 6 1/3 sqs x 150 /sq = 945+ = $1000



Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

Wood Stove or gas authentic fireplace with propane tank for source with remote control. $1000 est installed


Minimum requirements $750 est


Minimum reqirements Labor and Material $400


Est Labor and Material $1500

Interior Trim

Stair railings, window and door trim, wall paneling. Use existing material flat stock, and lumber and beam material for decorative elements to show the

existing wood materials that John used in the initial construction. All original wood materials cost in framing lumber above.

Labor $1000


Use existing wood materials for floor or buy new pine flooring

Est Labor and Materials $1000

Paint and restorative finishes

Est labor and material $1200


Lease Program


Income is rent from qualified artisan working on premises, using the Little House as a showcase to show how the craft product is made and in which sales are conducted. Penn Alps will benefit from the rental income and is responsible for maintenance and upkeep and will incur all expenses. A portion of the income will be set into a fund to ensure proper maintenance of John's Little House for the future.


Education Program


Budget:To be determined.




The plan outlined above is a beginning, and will be subject to revision. It is the opinion of the author that this is a worthwhile project. In the early 90's, Paul Hostetler expended personal funds to correct deficiencies to keep this house from deteriorating. With the destructive 98 tornado, an opportunity has presented itself to rebuild this Little House with a chance to preserve this physical piece of Hostetler history in a way that has never been done before.

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