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The Little House Door

In October of 2000, Betty Hostetler Zarney wrote:  "The late Paul V. Hostetler (DJH 2229.2), who instigated and funded the original restoration ot the little house, was my brother.  Paul also had the grave marker made and installed on the Yoder farm, and much earlier had the monument (made with the remaining stones from the original bake oven) erected at the massacre homesite in Shartlesville.  My grandfather was William F. Hochstetler (DJH 2228) -- the author of the historical introduction in DJH; consequently, I have had more than a casual interest in John's Little House and all its surroundings."  She also sent pictures and a drawing of the door specs.


View the drawing of the door with all measurements.   The pictures are as follows:


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