More Information on the Hochstetler Blind Family Musicians "Carte de Visite"

David Kent Coy (an active and knowledgable Hochstetler relative) says: This is a folk quartet (concertina, 2 violins and cello) photographed by A.N. Stauffer of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania; it is a trimmed CDV (Carte de Visite) said to come from an estate in St. Augustine, Florida, together with 2 photos of American Civil War soldiers. Short comment regarding the dating of this CDV: the garments put the photo quite securely in the 1860s, and there's no revenue stamp on the back. The absence of the latter is perhaps a good dating hint (i.e. the photo couldn't have been taken prior to 1866) because this rule couldn't be bent during the war. These comments came from a collector, who owned a very similar (but different) CDV of the same indivduals, meaning that they were in the habit of using CDV's of their image to get gigs or raise their profile.