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Videos of John's Little House & Other Stuff


Daniel E Hochstetler, the editor of our Jacob Hochstetler Family Association’s newsletter took extensive video of our Jacob Hochstetler family history in Fall ’97, which included major footage of John’s Little House. We are fortunate that Dan took this video since in June ’98 John’s Little House suffered major damage by the tornados that wreaked devastation in this part of Somerset County, PA.


  1. Map of the immigrant ancestor Jacob Hochstetler House site in Berks County, PA approx 43 seconds in length

  2. Jacob Hochstetler House footage of exterior, approx 52 seconds in length

  3. Jacob Hochstetler House more footage of exterior, approx 58 seconds

  4. Jacob Hochstetler Bake Oven, approx 82 seconds

  5. Jacob Hochstetler Springhouse, approx 32 seconds

  6. Jacob Hochstetler Old Barn, approx 38 seconds

  7. Oldest son of the immigrant Jacob, John Hochstetler’s farm in Berk’s County, PA, approx 56 seconds

  8. John Hochstetler’s move to the Meyersdale, PA area of Somerset County, approx 47 seconds. This was really 240 years from the Indian Massacre to this filming in 1997.

  9. From Meyersdale to Summit Mills, approx 42 seconds

  10. Mt. Davis Road in Elk Lick Township, approx 21 seconds

  11. John’s Farms, approx 54 seconds

  12. John’s Little House, approach from the road, approx 17 seconds

  13. John’s Little House, southern view of house, close up, approx 1 minute, 30 seconds

  14. Grave stones of John and Catherine at John’s Little House, approx 1 minute, 23 seconds

  15. The Cemetery at the John Hochstetler farm, approx 2 minutes, 30 seconds

  16. Dan’s Finale, our family’s migration from here to points beyond, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and all 50 states, approx 1 minute, 6 seconds

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